tisdag, april 21, 2009

New partner in crime

From here on you'll find us at http://ourlazydays.blogspot.com

Tuesday afternoon

- Come look, she said quite harshly.
- I’m coming, I said still sitting.

She had lined up all her colour pens, placing them all next to one another. Gray, violet, orange, pink, viridian, light blue, marine blur, dark blue, maroon.

I chuckled.

- It’s so you.
- What, the colours?
- Yeah, the colours, I said.

The colours. And everything else.

How I love her.

The taste of summer

Thou Shalt Comment!

Anyone heard of Facebook?


Compare people?

Out of 24 people, 66% believes me to be a better potential father than whoever they compared me with. 87% of the 16 people to answer reckons me to be hotter than someone.

85%, 6/7 claims that I am “more powerful”.

Let’s do that.

måndag, april 20, 2009

Overdramatized, yessir

…and now I’ve stood emotionally naked long enough to keep my feelings at bay for the rest of the year. So expect nothing more from me now, alright? I’ve emptied the bottomless pit that is the dark undiscovered side of my heart.


I hate crying.


I basically feel like shit. I look great though.

More or less.

I am, and perhaps always will be, incongruous. I will rarely hold only one colour, even if I appear to. As with my appearance (but that’s a whole other sub-chapter). If I appear to be leaning towards one side of the board, you can always rely on the fact that I am just as much on the other side as well.

Well, not always.

Exceptions are made of course, subconsciously, and she knew me. Saw all my colours, even though she would not admit some of them for herself .

And it is really too good. Everything about it.

So obviously I take a huge, stupid swing that upsets the whole order of things.

Will it ever be the same?